executive coaching



You probably know AHEAD as your executive search partner for senior and middle management positions.

However it is maybe less known that we have developed a complementary expertise in Executive Coaching.

The Executive Coaching provided by Nicolas Goffaux is based on John Withmore’s GROW approach :

1.      G for GOAL
What is my objective? How can I evaluate whether the objective is partially/completely reached?

2.      R for REALITY
What is the reality, the context, what weighs heavy on me, what are my emotions, my hang-ups and my strengths, …?

What are the possible tracks, the alternatives … what can I do to reach my objective?

4.      W for WILL
What do I decide to put in place, when, how can I measure it?

During the coaching sessions, thought models and fundamental beliefs are revealed.
Coachees realise that those thought models and beliefs can be supporting or limiting. They learn that they have the choice.
They move forward with the Coach, but they find their own tracks, those convenient for them. Coachees act on what is in their area of influence (often larger than they would think).
The objective of the coaching is defined and developed with the Coachee, without losing sight of the link with the employer in the case of a corporate coaching.

For more information, please contact Nicolas Goffaux (+32 2 223 23 90 – This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) or visit www.obvio-coaching.be.