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Talent assessment helps you make solid selection decisions while saving time and money.


Whether through internal promotion or external search, finding the right candidate to join your organization takes a great deal of time and research. Rather than relying on CVs and interviews alone, the right assessment process takes the objective measurement of candidate information to the next level.


The tools AHEAD uses are innovative, engaging and employ the best of AI and psychometric know-how, helping our clients to achieve game-changing results:


  • Performance improved by 36%

  • Profit increased by 50%

  • Tenure increased by 25%

​Adaptive Employee Personality Test (ADEPT-15)


What is on the surface is only half the picture. Employees and candidates bring more than just skills and experience with them to work – they bring their personality and all the preferences, tendencies, and styles that come with it.


ADEPT-15 is a scientifically based assessment designed to accurately uncover the unique aspects of an individual’s personality to help organizations hire, promote, and develop the very best talent.


It has been proven by over 8 million global administrations, is backed by 50 years of research and is built upon a database of 350.000 unique items.

It is user-friendly, adaptive and flexible.

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Adept 15 personality model.png

Values and Motivation Test (views)


Employee motivation is a critical success factor for organizations. Selecting the right fit in terms of corporate values and motivation structure is a key challenge in the recruitment process.


Employee motivation is also important in development. Motivation analysis offers a starting point from which an employee’s performance and competencies can be developed further.


AHEAD uses views, an adaptive questionnaire system that covers individual, job-related values, motives and interests. views uses the adalloc adaptive measurement technology. This technology allows a highly sophisticated profile of personal values to be created.


views is based on a model made up of 18 values, grouped into three areas: objectives, relationships, and environment. The model underlying views has been developed to specifically measure occupationally relevant values, motives and interests in order to assess the ‘cultural fit’ of a person with a company, department or team.

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