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Sectors & Specialisms

AHEAD’s expertise spans most sectors and specialisms in the Benelux and beyond.


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Including FMCG food, non-food, retail

Including consulting, financial/banking/insurance, IT, HR, public/non-profit, legal, European associations

Including chemicals, pharma, construction, aero/auto, energy, packaging, raw materials

High tech
Including electronics, telecom

Sales, marketing
In sales, from account manager to sales director
In marketing, from brand/product manager to VP marketing as well as PR/lobbying experts

Operations and engineering
Including production, logistics, purchasing/supply
From technical manager and specialist R&D roles including medical specialisms to operations director



From generalist and specialist HRMs to board level

Professional and financial services 

In consulting, from analysts to partners

In finance, from managers through specialist and director positions to CFO

In banking, from analysts to corporate banking director 

Legal counsel, insurance related roles
In IT, a wide range of high tech roles from SAP or CRM manager to BPR, to IT director and chief digital officer 

General management
From business unit managers to MD EMEA


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