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Top Tips

Prepare well

Before meeting an employer, research the company and the job as well as the competitive environment. Remember that if you forget to prepare, be prepared to be forgotten. Listen well and be ready with some questions at the end.

Think long term

Cultivate contacts with a small number of reputable executive search firms before you need them and keep in touch. Be helpful when we call you regarding a new position or as a source. Advise us of career changes as they occur – otherwise you could miss out on significant opportunities. Develop your network. Be positive and flexible.

Build a concise well-structured CV

in reverse chronological order with clear job responsibilities and achievements, which you can customize to different audiences. Avoid in-house terms. Check spelling and grammar. Ensure that your contact details are up-to-date and appropriate for confidential liaison. We recommend that you send it from a personal email address.

Know yourself

Before an interview with AHEAD, give some thought to what motivates you, your competences, past experiences, ambitions and the sort of company culture in which you would thrive. Explain your experience clearly and simply, providing more detail or examples when asked. Be ready to introduce yourself in other languages.


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