HEADWAY Winter 2010



  • Read about talent mastery hitting the headlines again
  • Banking on Change
  • Read why life gets better from 46!
  • Meet former AHEAD consultant Aleksandra Ljubinkovic now Head of Revenue Development at Google
  • AHEAD’s Swedish partner SOURCE challenges a myth
  • Review: why some people have power and other don’t

Talent mastery hits the headlines again
Elitism may not sit comfortably in political agendas in Europe. Despite fragility still in some companies and countries, the signs are that world class companies are once again prioritising their pursuit of gold star talent.
Banking on Change
Impenetrable global megabanks plus an interconnected network of smaller shadow banks. A surge in supremely complex derivatives understood only by a tiny elite. And a growing feeling that fractional reserve banking is inherently bad and impossible to control…

With the Global Economic Summit in Davos at an end, it’s already two years since the collapse of Lehman Bros and the unprecedented bail out of other banks. As bankers’ bonuses make headlines again, there is much debate about what – if anything - has changed.
Reasons to be cheerful
What better way to start 2011 than with the notion that you will get happier and happier? That’s provided you are over 46 and past the dreaded U-bend in life.
Wired for change
It’s always fascinating to follow the careers of high achieving candidates – not to mention former colleagues. HEADWAY caught up with former AHEAD consultant Aleksandra Ljubinkovic, after her diverse international experiences at INSEAD, Mars, Dell and in banking. Swedish born and an engineer by training, Aleks spent her early years in the Swedish industrial company ESAB before joining AHEAD. Dublin-based now, she is currently Head of Revenue Development at Google…
Swedes dispel a public sector myth
Recent research by AHEAD’s Swedish partner SOURCE, challenges the widely held myth that leaders in the public sector are inferior to private sector leaders. Their study investigated possible differences between each using data collected on 558 leaders assessed as part of their recruitment processes between 2007 to 2009. The focus was on cognitive and personality differences using psychometric tests (BasIQ measuring cognitive ability, Hogan’s Personality Index and Hogan Development survey).
Review: Why some people have power and others don’t
Powerful people not only have more friends than the rest of us. They also enjoy better health and the visibility and stature that accompany power can produce wealth. Most of us will agree that power is part of leadership and is necessary to get things done.

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