Spring 2014


A brighter forecast
hw sp 14 1smIt’s not often that economists from different stables agree. However, such was the case in late February when the Chicago Booth Alumni Club of Belgium gathered in Brussels for their annual economic outlook dinner...
Good search
hw sp 14 2smGrowing confidence and an increase in the pace of growth have not yet translated into a better job market in Belgium, according to professional body FEDERGON’s most recent quarterly report. Yet AHEAD notes an encouraging and significant upswing in confirmed assignments and revenues in recent months...
Productive in construction:
meet Andrew Kelly

hw sp 14 3smAs the construction sector becomes an engine room of recovery in parts of Europe, HEADWAY meets Andrew Kelly who has forged an international career with $3b speciality chemical company WR Grace.
The HR leader of the future
At the Vlerick School of Management Professor Frederick Anseel explores whether HR should be firm or flexible.
Curiosity in top cats
hw sp 14 4smIt’s so much for the old warning ‘curiosity killed the cat’ whose roots began in 16th century British literature. Today curiosity has been identified as the major differentiator of potential for future success among candidates and employees...
Internships: the quest for quality
hw sp 14 5smThe call for quality internships for young Europeans is firmly on the agenda this year, having gained momentum at the European Commission at the tail end of last year. Setting the pace among employers is US technology giant Microsoft. With 700 interns across Europe they are the first company to sign the European Quality Charter on Internships and Apprenticeships...
Achieving against the odds
hw sp 14 6smIn Belgium, Pierre Pirard former business leader turned teacher in a deprived area of Brussels started Teach For Belgium in 2013 after 20+ years in the corporate sector. He teamed-up with three other social entrepreneurs who refuse to believe that the socio-economic background can dictate one´s life...