New heights for 2013: Mont Ventoux

hw s13 6 New year, new challenge? Many high achievers openly recognize the great benefits personally and professionally that exercise and sporting challenge can bring. But if your weekly run or daily gym session is not enough, perhaps it’s time to venture to new heights in 2013 with the help of two seasoned coaches...

Starting in February Herman Vandenbranden and Wim Rombout will help you improve your mental and physical condition through an innovative cycling programme culminating in a 21k challenge in June: the ascent of Mont Ventoux by bike.

‘This is an invaluable practice-oriented learning pathway for leadership and self-management that will stretch you in new directions’ explains Herman, of Talent in Balance, himself formerly a senior manager with Securitas, Pioneer and Biffa. ‘The benefits will enhance your rational and emotional skills to become a stronger leader. It’s also a four month journey with kindred spirits.’

On paper, the challenge is not for the feint-hearted. Nicknamed ‘the Beast of Provence’, Mont Ventoux has become legendary as the scene of one of the most gruelling climbs in the Tour de France bicycle race, which has ascended the mountain fourteen times since 1951. In 1970, Eddy Merckx rode himself to the brink of collapse while winning the stage. 2009 saw the most recent ascent of the Ventoux with Rabobank Squad's Spanish climber Juan Manuel Gárate making to the top first.

The followed trail mostly passes through Bédoin, the very start point for your 2013 challenge. Its fame as a scene of great Tour dramas has made it a magnet for cyclists around the world. The summit of Mont Ventoux overlooks the beautiful Rhone valley boasting beautiful flora and fauna when you take a welcome breather.

hw s13 7Your journey begins in February with an introductory workshop with the necessary practical information, a medical check and bike test with lactate screening. Training, coaching and monitoring continues online with individual coaching sessions once a month.

During the programme Herman and Wim aim to help you become sharper and fresher in your professional and private life. As well as improve your ability to concentrate and lead yourself and others.

‘It’s no risk, no nonsense, just fun and functionality,’ adds Herman. ‘You’ll find your strengths and test your limits’.

So if you would like more information or to attend the introductory workshop, simply connect with Herman Vandenbranden or Wim Rombaut via LinkedIn.