HEADWAY Spring 2013



  • Towards a better gender balance in Europe's boardrooms
  • Quotas v. Competitiveness?
  • Better balanced boards : reactions from HEADWAY readers
  • Women on Board : a business call
  • Happiness reigns: meet Laurence Vanhée
  • New heights for 2013: Mont Ventoux

Towards better gender balance in Europe’s boardrooms
MEP Silvana Koch-Mehrin explains the latest 'controversial but inavoidable' EU initiative.
Quotas v. Competitiveness?
The proposed legislation for quotas to improve female representation at board level has many opponents. Here INSEAD Professor Theo Vermaelen explains how he believes gender quotas will destroy European competitiveness.
Better balanced boards: reactions from HEADWAY readers
'The better a board represents the real world, the better it is.' ... 'I don't see how gender influences the quality of a board.' ... 'Competence & relevance must be the only yardsticks.'
Women on Board: a business call
Cécile Coune, CEO Aviabel and Vice Chairwoman of Women on Board shares her personal views on why we need better balanced boards and the pros and cons of current initiatives...
Happiness reigns: meet Laurence Vanhée
After a long winter and an even longer recession, it’s reassuring to know that an uplifting movement has been at work throughout at the very heart of Belgium’s infrastructure. Spreading her own brand of happiness is Laurence Vanhée, Chief Happiness Officer of Belgian Ministry of Social Security and HRM of the Year 2012.
New heights for 2013: Mont Ventoux
New year, new challenge? Many high achievers openly recognize the great benefits personally and professionally that exercise and sporting challenge can bring. But if your weekly run or daily gym session is not enough, perhaps it’s time to venture to new heights in 2013 with the help of two seasoned coaches...