Introducing Caroline Deruytter
HEADWAY finds out What makes her tick…
With a Masters in Commercial Sciences from VLEKHO and an early career with DHL and UPS, Caroline comes with useful experience in executive search in Belgium, Spain, France and the Netherlands. Now she joins AHEAD after 5 years as a coach in management competencies at HUB.

hw_s10_2‘Now that I’m back in search, it’s really rewarding to hear former companies and candidates still feel very satisfied with the way I helped them. There is plenty that I enjoy about this profession and now after 5 years experience as a coach, I have an even more solid platform for success in this role. As my background has been in services with a focus upon the industrial sector, I would say that my most immediate added value is within this category.’

So how does the reality at AHEAD match your preconceptions of the firm?
 ‘For several years AHEAD had been on my radar, as a seemingly mature team with a very professional approach. Indeed people at AHEAD tend to think and act as if they are an extension of their clients’ team. That’s probably what sets them apart from most other search firms. And now that I’m on the ‘inside’ these preconceptions have been confirmed. Everybody at AHEAD seems to be focussed into the same direction allowing true success as a team.’

And out of hours, how do you get your kicks, Caroline?
‘With a lively family too, my spare time is quite limited. However, one pastime that gives me real pleasure is running. In 2006, I was so overwhelmed by the atmosphere when my husband crossed the finishing line of his first marathon in Berlin, that I wanted a piece of the action too! So in 2008 I managed to complete the New York Marathon, Berlin in September 2009 and am currently preparing for London in April 2010. It’s a fantastic way to experience major cities…and the stamina that running builds certainly equips me to go the distance on demanding search assignments!’

‘After riding the recession with no losses within the team, AHEAD starts 2010 with the appointment of an additional consultant in Brussels. We are delighted to welcome Caroline Deruytter to the firm.’
Guy Vereecke, Managing Partner

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