Escaping the labyrinth
AHEAD candidate Marie-Ange Levan is a Financial Data Mining Analyst with Delhaize, previously with Danone, Accenture and Euroclear.
‘You cannot work with data without a degree of intuitive understanding. You’ve got to understand the business and use your ‘good sense’ of intuition and curiosity, then you add the data. And you can be sure that something will come out of it. Data Mining is exactly that. ‘If you torture data enough, they will confess!’

hw_s10_3After graduation I went into consulting because I wanted a variety of projects, and the reality is that I learned to learn, but for me, I could not dig deep enough. Yet in my job now I am really immersed in the day to day life of the company from the inside. It’s that reality of life that gives data its true meaning.

Before joining Delhaize, I didn’t know what name to put to the function I was looking for but this job was absolutely right for me. 7 months later the time has gone really quickly, which is a very good sign. The job content is great. Every day I play a new game. Each project is a puzzle – how to get out of the labyrinth. You know there is a way but you don’t know how, nor how many steps it will take nor who you will meet en route. Logically with common sense you solve the puzzle. It takes patience, is very challenging and fun.

When I met Nicolas Goffaux, I already had a good feeling about this job, but he really listened to my needs. He was very transparent with me and gave timely feedback. Maybe it’s because of AHEAD’s structure, but the process was very streamlined and personal. It seemed like just Nicolas, Delhaize and me. That’s a good thing in my books.

Looking ahead, I want to keep learning every day a new piece of the puzzle. So in 5 years time I guess I’ll be a real expert in data mining and enjoy teaching and enthusing others too. All my experiences along the way have helped me on this path. So if you are not where you want to be yet, don’t give up. Optimise the things you like and things you like will become your reality.’

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