HEADWAY Spring 2010



  • Thinking AHEAD
  • Inside intuition
  • Big brand recruiters compare notes
  • Introducing Caroline Deruytter
  • Escaping the labyrinth
  • Chicago business forcast

Thinking AHEAD
AHEAD’s September 2009 survey provided a useful market snapshot with 56% reporting that economic recovery was already underway. That’s in line with latest findings by the Chicago Booth Business School (p4). Six months later, and with recession officially behind us, we now see a game of two halves.
Inside intuition
1Intuition is a phenomenon that spans languages, cultures, continents and history.  Everyone has it, for it is impossible for us to function effectively without using ‘gut feeling’. But to what extent is intuition relevant in the world of business today? When senior managers in the US were asked in a survey how often they used intuition in making decisions 12 % said always, 47% said often, 30% said sometimes and the remaining small minority (one in ten) said they seldom or rarely used it.3
Big brand recruiters compare notes
How has the crisis affected recruitment among FMCG heavyweights? What sort of profiles are they after? And what is young talent looking for in an employer today?
Introducing Caroline Deruytter
HEADWAY finds out What makes her tick…
With a Masters in Commercial Sciences from VLEKHO and an early career with DHL and UPS, Caroline comes with useful experience in executive search in Belgium, Spain, France and the Netherlands. Now she joins AHEAD after 5 years as a coach in management competencies at HUB.
Escaping the labyrinth
AHEAD candidate Marie-Ange Levan is a Financial Data Mining Analyst with Delhaize, previously with Danone, Accenture and Euroclear.
Chicago business forcast
U shaped economic growth is predicted in the year ahead, even if political mistrust continues to rise. So says Professor Hurst of the University of Chicago in their annual business forecast1. ‘The economy starts to get better when consumers start spending a little more, businesses start spending more, and they stop hoarding cash.’ Due to the actions taken by the Fed, ‘we are in the Great Recession rather than the Great Depression,’ adds Randall Kroszner, recent Federal Reserve Governor.

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