Executive talent overview

aut5 2016 A good year in search

Earlier this year, the Association of Executive Search Consultants conducted research among 3,000 firm leaders, the client community and candidates. Here’s an overview of key findings:

  • 2015 was the biggest year ever for the profession in revenue terms, 6% up on 2014.
  • Four in five are optimistic about the profession this year.
  • Clients top three challenges today are lack of diversity, lack of leadership successors and competition for talent.
  • In five years’ time the greatest challenges are seen as aging demographics, globalisation and competition for talent.
  • Succession planning, internal talent assessment and board advisory services appear to be the add-ons growing most.
  • The US market accounts for nearly 30% of global revenues from search, followed by Continental Europe (26%) and UK and Ireland (16%).
  • Healthcare/life sciences and technology are deemed the sectors with the most growth potential this year.
  • As always, CEO/Board of Directors is predicted to be the function with most growth, but Chief Information Officers and Chief Security Officers emerged as the second and third biggest growth functions.