Autumn 2015


Praxi makes perfect
aut1 2015 smIn October, AHEAD’s Managing Partner Guy Vereecke addressed a gathering of fellow Praxi Alliance members from several countries, including China, at their two-day autumn summit in London.
Agility in the Labour Market: Myth or Reality?
aut2 2015 sm
In late September, Ascento organized a Talent Mobility Symposium that focused on employability.  About 200 HR professionals attended to hear an eminent line-up of speakers from political, academic and corporate worlds.
Divergent trends: one of the big challenges for Europe

aut3 2015 smEuropeans need to start thinking together again if the European Union is going to thrive – or even survive – over the next half century.
Can you foresee the future?
aut4 1 2015 smJacques Attali tells us about his reflections as a free man. By foreseeing your own future, he claims, you can be ahead of yourself – or avant-garde – and not submit to this future but decide instead the course of your life.
Search Inside Yourself
aut5 2015 smThis is both the name of a book and an internal course that is the bee's knees at Google. Apparently the class has a waiting list stretching six months and the book has already been translated into 24 languages.
And finally...colouring for adults
aut6 2015 smEarlier this autumn, adult colouring books made up four of Amazon UK's top ten sellers. No wonder there is a surprising array on booksellers' shelves at St Pancras.