Rework: Change The Way You Work Forever

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When you see a New York Times Bestseller that says on the front cover 'Ignore this book at your peril', it’s hard to walk away. Even Chris Anderson, best-selling author of 'The Long Tail' rates it : 'There’s no jargon or filler here just hundreds of brilliantly simple rules for success.' Other plaudits claim that if you’re a business owner, you can do yourself a favour by buying this ground breaking book.

Rework: change the way you work forever is written by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, two of the three founders of a Webdesign consulting firm. They write not based on academic theories, but based on their experience. They started their business in 1999 and subsequently went through two recessions, one burst bubble, business-model shifts and doom-and-gloom predictions yet they remained profitable.

So this book is based on their experience and it challenges a lot of common concepts such as:

  • Ignore the real world, which they describe as an awfully depressing place to live … but which is also often used to kill fresh ideas: 'That will never work in the real world.' That’s too often an excuse not to try.
  • They state that we should learn from our successes as ‘learning from mistakes is overrated.’
  • 'Planning is guessing': writing a plan makes you feel in control of things that you can’t actually control. Be pragmatic: figure out the next thing to do and do it.
  • Why grow? Their point is that small is not a stepping stone to growing big, but a good destination in its own right and that a lot of business owners make their own lives miserable by willing to grow.
  • Fire workaholics.
  • Meetings are toxic.
  • Underdo the competition.

But a lot of their ideas come down to Nike’s logo: 'Just do it.' Don’t spend too much time in planning, brainstorming, meetings, checking what your competition is doing... just get your act together and get on with it.

That’s a philosophy that rings true for many. That said, most of their ideas challenges common practice yet have worked for them and for a lot of other entrepreneurs ( ... but they don’t like that word either). In short, this book is an interesting read that you can pick up once you’ve cut down your meeting time from half an hour to seven minutes. That’s another piece of advice from them!

1ReWork: Change the Way You Work Forever Paperback – 18 Mar 2010 by Jason Fried (Author), David Heinemeier Hansson, published by Vermillion, 2010