HEADWAY Autumn 2010



  • Tomorrows jobs
  • How resilient are HEADWAY readers?
  • Making it happen
  • Spotlight on Pierre Pirard
  • Ten tech trends

Tommorrow's Jobs
Product wizard, imagineer, talent scout…? ‘When I was at INSEAD many moons ago, they told us that when students start university they will not have heard of some of the jobs that will be vacancies when they graduate,’ explains AHEAD partner Alexandre Paternotte de La Vaillée. ‘Today the same rings true, though in an even shorter timeframe.’ So, as we gradually emerge from the biggest recession since WW2, where will new jobs be and what form will they take?
How resilient are HEADWAY readers?
The answer is pretty resilient, according to the results of our recent survey. Moreover 75% of the 234 high achievers surveyed electronically by AHEAD in September 2010 consider resilience a very important trait in today’s postrecession workplace. You have to ‘move forward fast, even after failure,’ advised one.
Making it happen
As we emerge from recession, many people have good ideas but few actually carry them out. And fewer still carry them out excellently. The business leader who executes good ideas most successfully, wins. Such is the message of two new books stressing the importance of turning good ideas into reality.
Spotlight on Pierre Pirard
Pierre Pirard enjoyed an exemplary blue chip career with companies such as Procter & Gamble, Reckitt Benckiser, Stanley Works and most recently as CEO of one of AHEAD’s clients, Family Service. Then in 2009 he stepped out of the mainstream corporate world to teach underprivileged youngsters at the Institut des Ursulines in Molenbeek.
Ten tech trends
According to McKinsey1, here are ten technology trends that senior executives should be aware of:

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