Is recovery underway?
Cautiously yes, according to the latest AHEaD survey of over 250 managers in Belgium and beyond.1
In September 2009 over 53% of respondents from a wide range of sectors agreed that the worst of the recession is behind us. and 56% think that recovery is already underway.

‘this autumn there appears to be some cautious optimism in the market,’ explains guy Vereecke, aHEaD’s Managing Partner. ‘Interestingly, there is also a real consensus of opinion across the 3 functional groups we approached – general managers, sales and marketing, and HR. So this survey is a useful market barometer from those at the sharp end of business.’

However, one CEO warned ‘who knows what still lurks beneath the surface of things? So we can’t really know whether the recession is over or not’. ‘as for competing for talent, there is less margin for error in tough times. anyone can sail a ship through calm waters…’

Indeed over 80% of respondents believe that the ‘war for talent’ is by no means over. Instead the vast majority (87%) agree that it still exists but with a different shape and intensity. an even greater number (93%) report that skills shortages still exist in some areas.

‘So there are glimmers of hope for candidates and the recruitment industry too’, adds guy Vereecke. More people (54%) in this survey reported that new recruitment is planned or underway in their company, than not (34%). and an overwhelming 87% believe that competition still exists to hire the very best people.

‘talent is the only thing that companies are willing to pay for. It’s of critical importance that we position our companies for the post crisis period,’ commented one contributor. ‘’We need to be cautious and invest resources wisely,’ said another. ‘as for recruitment, now more than ever businesses need to have the best people available.’

‘More than ever  businesses need to have the best people available.’

1. 257 professionals responded electronically: general managers (82), senior professionals in sales & marketing (111), and HR (64). Results were collected anonymously during the last 3 weeks of September 2009. For more information see the bar chart on p6 or contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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