Motivated people get chances
Marijke Luyssen is just a few months into her new job as Product Market Manager with Bekaert…

hw_a09_2‘I knew Bekaert quite well before from previous experience. they were a supplier to my old company and I had always been impressed by their technological know how and professionalism. So I was very attracted to work there.

My new job is quite similar in a way to my previous experience, but one step further…with an extension in responsibility. today I am responsible globally for the segment of cords for timing belts. It’s basically a commercial role towards customers all over the world, but with a lot of focus on innovation and a great deal of global capacity planning. It’s a big role…but a shared one. I’m well supported by other people.

I had extensive training at Bekaert on arrival, to familiarise me with the products and processes there. then it was a question of getting to know customers and their requirements. the next step will be defining the correct strategy for the future and I’m still at the stage where I’m taking on board lots of detailed information. It’s still early days… but so far, so good.

In my previous role, I travelled quite a lot throughout Europe. today it’s really on a global level, with an important emphasis on asia. (next week, I’m in China). that’s new to me so it’s an exciting addition. also the company as an entity is much larger than I’ve known, so it’s a new challenge to manage teams all over the world, not really in people management terms…but time zones, and different cultural backgrounds and customs.

Many people hesitate to change jobs in a difficult climate because of the risk involved. Perhaps they are wary of the real financial situation of a new company, or they might think that they will be the first to be made redundant if there are cuts on a ‘last in, first out’ basis. However, if you are not happy in your job, it can have a big impact on your life and those around you. You make others unhappy. You spend more than 8 hours a day at work, so you need to feel good about it. Even if times are difficult you still need to look after yourself (and your own wellbeing).

‘If you are not happy in your job, it can have a big impact on your life and those around you.’

In my experience, you make your own fate in many cases. If you really want to succeed in a job, then you will. Motivated people get chances. So, you largely make your own luck…’

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