Book review: Confessions of an Eco-Sinner
Travels to Find Where My Stuff Comes From by Fred Pearce1

hw_a12_10Still on a sustainability theme, this book is a journey around the world to trace the products and goods consumed in Europe. It shows the importance of being well informed about the origin of products, and the social, economic and environment impacts of our decisions. It reveals the numerous aspects to be taken into account before finding the right balance.

From a cup of coffee or piece of chocolate, to the gold of your wedding ring, the wood of your furniture or the metals hidden in your mobile phones, it is a fascinating world tour to understand our challenges and opportunities.

'I liked this book because it shows the complexity of all our decisions and their impact, which is sometimes hidden,' reports AHEAD’s Muriel Malak.

'There is no black or white answer. It is always about finding the right balance between social, economic and environmental aspects. But I believe that being a conscious consumer is the first step towards sustainability.'

1 Confessions of an Eco-Sinner, by Fred Pearce. Eden Project Books (15 Jan 2009)